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Offshore oil & gas

The growth of the world economy and population is driving the global demand for energy. To meet this demand, Van Oord delivers ground-breaking projects in a challenging offshore market. Our offshore oil and gas activities provide integrated solutions with a focus on the installation, stabilisation, and protection of offshore oil and gas infrastructure. Van Oord has led the market in subsea rock installation for more than thirty years. We have managed to maintain that position by continuously challenging ourselves and improving our expertise.

Van Oord is a niche specialist in two services.

Subsea rock installation

We are market leader in the seabed intervention technique Subsea Rock Installation (SRI). Our fleet of flexible fallpipe vessels enables us to stabilise and protect pipelines, cables, and other installations.

Offshore pipeline installation

We provide integrated solutions for the installation of nearshore pipelines, cables, and offshore constructions. With over fifty years of experience in this niche market, Van Oord offers the best specialists on the job.

Sustainability starts with running a responsible business. To meet the nonstop growing demand for energy in a responsible way safety, environmental and social impact expertise is fully embedded in our projects. We aim at creating value for society and work together to find ingenious solutions for stakeholders who are affected. The UN Sustainable Development Goals inspire us to succeed in this.

Maurits den Broeder, Managing Director Van Oord Offshore
Maurits den Broeder, Managing Director Van Oord Offshore
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