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Offshore oil & gas

The growth of the global economy and the expanding world population are generating an increasing demand for energy worldwide. To meet this global demand, oil and gas are being extracted from isolated fields and transported over long distances. Along with dredging and offshore wind, offshore oil & gas is one of Van Oord’s three core activities.

We have developed and expanded our capabilities in the offshore market in recent decades, evolving into a world-renowned Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) contractor. Our fully integrated EPC services encompass detailed design and verification, procurement of materials and associated services, and installation and commissioning services – all delivered in one complete package.

Quality, Health, Safety and the Environment (QHSE) also have top priority in Van Oord’s Offshore business unit. Our dynamic approach encourages pro-active awareness of QHSE issues and compliance with QHSE rules in order to create a proactive safety culture that allows us to work together safely while providing services that meet our clients’ requirements.

Offshore pipeline installation

A vast array of specialised equipment and activities is needed to design and construct the landfall area, where oil and gas pipelines approach the shore. Our wide-ranging equipment includes linear winches, multi-purpose construction vessels, dredging equipment and a shallow water pipe lay barge. This allows us to provide specialist services such as trenching and backfilling, pulling and laying of shallow-water pipelines, site preparation, site re-instatement and landfall construction. Shallow water pipe lay barge Stingray is capable of handling offshore pipelines up to 60 inches at depths of 100 metres. The Stingray is also suitable for Single Point Mooring (SPM) and Pipe Line End Manifold (PLEM) installation, hook-up, commissioning, piling and midline tie-ins. Besides the installation of offshore pipelines, our modern cable-laying vessel Nexus, with a 5.000 tons carousel, enables us to install offshore cables worldwide for clients in the oil & gas industry.

Our origins as a dredging specialist give us a leading edge when it comes to applying dredging techniques in the oil and gas industry. For offshore pipelines, platforms or subsea installations, we specialise in seabed intervention, benefiting from a large fleet of trailing suction hopper dredgers that can reach depths of more than 100 metres. These vessels can also be equipped with specialist tools such as Mass Flow Excavation devices or ripper heads, designed for creating trenches in hard soils. 

Subsea rock installation

Our high-precision Subsea Rock Installation (SRI) activities are vital for the stabilisation and protection of offshore pipelines, cables and other installations. As a market leader in this industry, with more than four decades of experience, our fleet of DP flexible fallpipe vessels and side stone dumping vessels enables us to provide pre-pipelay and post-pipelay rock installation, scour protection, seabed improvement and ballasting services for offshore structures at depths up to 1,500 metres. 

Other offshore activities

As one of the very few offshore contractors in the world, we have been involved in numerous prestigious projects that encompass the full scope of towing and installation of Gravity Based Structures (GBS). A GBS is a large concrete structure, for example an offshore oil platform, held in place by gravity. These challenging projects have unique requirements and demand a perfect combination of versatile resources, both staff and equipment, and the specialist skills to manage complex projects that encompass a large number of critical interfaces.

As an allround offshore specialist, our activities also include geotechnical and geophysical soil investigation, engineering, procurement, classification and certification services.


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