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Offshore pipeline installation

Van Oord provides integrated solutions for the installation of nearshore pipelines, cables, and offshore constructions. One example is the challenging pipeline installation project in North Lincolnshire, United Kingdom.

Our range of equipment includes linear winches, multi-purpose construction vessels, a shallow water pipe lay barge, and dredging equipment. The deployment of our in-house specialists and equipment allows us to execute Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) contracts in the field of landfall construction, shallow water pipeline installation, cable installation, and trenching and backfilling.

Shallow water pipe lay

Shallow water pipe lay barge Stingray is capable of installing offshore pipelines at depths of up to 100 metres. The Stingray is also suitable for Single Point Mooring (SPM) and Pipe Line End Manifold (PLEM) installation, hook-up, commissioning, piling, and midline tie-ins.

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Trenching and backfilling

Our roots as a dredging specialist give us a leading edge when it comes to utilising dredging techniques in the oil and gas industry. For offshore pipelines, platforms, or subsea installations, we specialise in seabed intervention, benefiting from a large fleet of trailing suction hopper dredgers that can reach depths of more than 125 metres. These vessels can also be equipped with specialist tools such as Mass Flow Excavation devices or ripper heads, designed for creating trenches in hard soil.

Cable lay

Cable-laying vessel Nexus is equipped with a cable carousel with a capacity of more than 5,000 tonnes and an offshore crane that enables it to lay long, heavy export cables. Operational since 2015, Nexus has already amassed an impressive track record, including installing 200 kilometres of export cable at the Gemini Offshore Wind Park. The deck layout is the result of smart in-house engineering and development in anticipation of future market requirements for challenging cable installation works.

Gravity Based Structures

In addition to our niche speciality in Subsea Rock Installation and offshore pipeline installation Van Oord has vast experience that encompasses the transport and installation of Gravity Based Structures (GBS). A GBS is a large concrete structure, such as an offshore oil platform, that is held in place by gravity.