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We say YES to safety

Van Oord’s values ‘we care’ and ‘we work together’ are fundamental to achieving our ultimate goal of eliminating all incidents and personal injuries. Everyone working at Van Oord is expected to take responsibility for safety and deal proactively with safety matters. We expect the same commitment from all parties working with or on behalf of Van Oord, including subcontractors, partners, clients and end suppliers.
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Unique safety programme

A simple, but powerful and positive message that indicates Van Oord is embracing safety: say YES to safety.  At the heart of the programme are five behaviour-based safety principles that express the proactive safety culture within our company. These principles are strong personal statements that encourage everyone to be aware of safety and take responsibility.

Share your ideas, feedback or photo

Are you working on or visiting a Van Oord project or location and do you recognise the Say YES to safety logo? And do you say YES to safety, too? Our Quality, Health, Safety and Environment department appreciates your input. Share your ideas, feedback or photos or contact us via the contact form