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Statement and principles

Say YES statement

Care for people is in the heart of our organisation. All people working at Van Oord, employees and contractors alike, are expected to be proactive in meeting their responsibility to work safely. Only by working together we can reach our ultimate goal of eliminating all personal injuries and guarding the environment.

We at Van Oord say YES to safety and we want to express how our people support the safety principles and life saving rules. We want to demonstrate our leadership and inspire others to embrace safety. To say YES to safety means taking care for ourselves, each other and the environment in which we work. This commitment will serve the interests of our clients and other stakeholders and enable our company to deliver its best performance.

Pieter van Oord, CEO
Pieter van Oord, CEO
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Safety principles

Together with employees throughout the organisation, Van Oord’s QHSE department has formulated five safety principles. Each safety principle describes desired conduct. Everyone – regardless of their nationality, job title or location – is expected to embrace these principles.