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Tools & training

At Van Oord, safety is about more than knowing the rules and procedures. It is about proactive safety leadership. This message is the core of our safety programme Say YES to Safety. Van Oord offers a wide range of safety items to make sure everyone working on a project location or on board a vessel is equipped with the right safety tools.

Life saving rules

Van Oord has nine life saving rules focused on the activities with the highest potential safety risk. We want everyone to go home safe every day and to eliminate all injuries and incidents. Our life saving rules underpin our safety statement and principles and these rules are mandatory for all Van Oord employees, subcontractors and visitors. 

Stop the job

Safety comes first. At Van Oord, we take this literally. Every employee, whatever their job or position, has the right to stop work as soon as the conditions cease to be safe. This 'Stop the Job' authority not only helps ensure employee well-being, but it also establishes field-wide responsibility for the safety of all operations. We urge every employee to keep an eye out for potentially unsafe situations or processes and stop the job until the problem is corrected.


Van Oord has a strong in-house academy that develops and runs safety courses and safety kick-off meetings for employees, clients and subcontractors. More than 2,000 employees took a safety training course in 2019. An e-learning General Safety Induction Training has been introduced and is mandatory for all Van Oord employees. 
Alongside mandatory safety courses, we pay special attention to safety in our onboarding programmes for new employees. Safety and quality requirements are becoming ever more stringent. We set high standards and do what we
can to live up to those standards. This includes training and educating external temporary staff and suppliers. 
We organise supplier safety days on a regular basis. In 2019, Van Oord invited the executives and directors of subcontractors for the Borssele I & II offshore wind farm project to discuss safety awareness. Personal commitment is essential to safety. When all our partners work more safely, we all attain a higher level. Van Oord aims to be a role model for the sector in safety matters.