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Tools & training

Van Oord offers a wide range of safety items to make sure everyone working on a project location or on board a vessel is equipped with the right safety tools.

Life saving rules

Van Oord has nine life saving rules focused on the activities with the highest potential safety risk. We want everyone to go home safe every day and to eliminate all injuries and incidents. Our life saving rules underpin our safety statement and principles and these rules are mandatory for all Van Oord employees, subcontractors and visitors. 


Stop the job

Safety comes first. At Van Oord, we take this literally. Every employee, whatever their job or position, has the right to stop work as soon as the conditions cease to be safe. This 'Stop the Job' authority not only helps ensure employee well-being, but it also establishes field-wide responsibility for the safety of all operations. We urge every employee to keep an eye out for potentially unsafe situations or processes and stop the job until the problem is corrected.

Training courses

The awareness and competence of our employees is a key element in working safe. Together with DNV-GL, internationally recognised as the best maritime safety agency in the world, Van Oord is providing training courses within its safety programme.

The certificates DNG-VL issues after the safety training are valued by Van Oord clients. The following courses are available within Van Oord:

  • The Van Oord General Safety Introduction course (VOGSI) aims to establish an awareness of, and commitment to, safety and hazards for new staff, based on the company’s own safety principles, standards and procedures.
  • The Hazard Identification Training (HIT) aims to teach participants how to observe and how to identify hazards during our day-to-day work on project sites or on board vessels. Participants learn to develop a correct observation attitude, and they are made aware of their responsibility to respond when notified of a hazard.
  • The Safety Leadership Training (SLT) is a unique training course about attitude and commitment towards safety leadership. Managers on project sites or on board vessels are made aware that it is essential to take responsibility for the safety of all personnel.