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Subsea Rock Installation (SRI)

We are market leader in the seabed intervention technique Subsea Rock Installation (SRI). Our fleet of flexible fallpipe vessels enables us to stabilise and protect pipelines, cables, and other installations. One example is the successful submarine stabilisation project in Norway.

Our dynamic positioning (DP) flexible fallpipe vessels are highly efficient for installing rock in water depths up to 1,500 metres. To be effective, subsea rock installation requires accuracy. The vessels are equipped with a flexible fallpipe and Remote Operating Vehicle (ROV), which direct the flow of rock precisely where required.

In combination with our side stone dumping vessels we are able to serve the offshore oil, gas, and wind market in pre-pipelay and post-pipelay rock installation, scour protection, seabed improvement, and ballasting services for offshore structures.

Deep Excavation System (DES)

Van Oord has developed a technique for dredging at great water depths. This Deep Excavation System (DES) is an innovative method for preparing the seabed profile for installing offshore pipelines. The DES allows dredging to take place at depths varying from 100 to at least 1,000 metres. Van Oord's flexible fall pipe vessels can be equipped with this in-house developed system. It consists of the combination of a sophisticated grab and a Fall Pipe Operated Verhicle (FPROV). The Deep Excavation System has a very accurate control system and generates only limited turbidity, which is vital in view of potential nearby sensitive marine environment like coral.

Exceptional piece of equipment: Bravenes

The latest addition to our fleet of flexible fallpipe vessels is Bravenes, a unique piece of equipment within Van Oord’s fleet. The vessel, with a deadweight of 14,000 tonnes, a length of 154 metres, and a beam of 28 metres, is suitable for installing a wide range of rock sizes.

Bravenes is equipped to perform three different types of rock installation, namely the fallpipe through the moon pool, a fallpipe over the side, or a tremie pipe over the side.  This third ship configuration allows the vessel to install rock very close to offshore platforms, such as monopiles. Bravenes brings a new level of innovation to subsea rock installation.

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