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It’s in our nature to care.

As a family-owned business, established 150 years ago, Van Oord focuses on future generations and long-term business relations. Care for people is deeply rooted in our organisation. Working closely with our clients, with respect for one another and working together proactively on safety is a natural part of that.

Van Oord plays an active role in caring for the planet now and in the future by guarding the environment. We strive to minimise the potential negative impact of our work on the marine environment. Our smart engineers are continuously encouraged to develop more sustainable work methods and innovations. Sustainability is inherent in our strategic planning, decision-making and business operations.

Creating marine solutions of value

Sustainability is part of Van Oord’s strategy, decisions and activities to create marine solutions of value for our clients. Van Oord is convinced that making sustainability one of the guiding principles of our project approach increases our chance of success in winning and executing projects. 

We have determined four priority areas:

Value creation: Guarding the environment
Energy efficiency
Attractive employership
Sustainable supply chain

These priorities will lead to our next step in our plan to promote Van Oord as a sustainability champion. To achieve this, we will be guided by our principles of corporate social responsibility and the guidelines of the Global Reporting Initiative.

As a family-owned business, Van Oord clearly understands that delivering long-term added value is the key to success. We need to remember that we’ve borrowed this company from the next generation. The same is true for our environment and our area of operations, so let’s take care of them and treat them responsibly, without saddling the next generation with problems rooted in our work today.

Paul Verheul, Chief Operational Officer
Paul Verheul, Chief Operational Officer

Doing our share to achieve the UN's Sustainable Development Goals

The United Nations adopted a set of 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs.) These global goals are the core of its 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, which promotes the quality of the living environment and the eradiction of poverty, injustice and discrimination. We contribute to meeting below seven SDGs: