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About the programme

The key concepts for successfully meeting the global challenges? Innovation. Sustainability. Collaboration. Together we can create new solutions that contribute to a better world. That is why we wish to inspire and involve everyone. Come and participate in our game-changing programme Sustainable Earth Actions: S.E.A. 


Accelerating climate initiatives

  • This theme includes all our business activities that play a role in protecting populations and landscapes against the risks of flooding due to climate change.
  • We wish to reinforce our reputation for providing integral and innovative marine solutions for coastal and river deltas at risk by being a knowledgeable global leader and partner in the field of climate adaptation and mitigation challenges.

Enhancing the energy transition

  • This theme includes all our business activities focusing on the shift from fossil fuels to renewable energy (including offshore) and reducing carbon dioxide/GHGs.
  • We wish to be a global trusted partner in integral offshore energy solutions. With our knowledge, innovations and business operations, we accelerate the energy transition by kick-starting, developing and operating offshore renewable energy generation, storage and transportation, including better use of gas as part of the transition (decom, power to gas, CCS).

Empowering nature and communities

  • This theme includes all business activities aimed at fostering regional and other economies, communities and nature as a result of our marine solutions. While creating marine infrastructure, we contribute to socio-economic development and the enrichment of biodiversity.
  • We wish to be recognised as a global frontrunner in providing local prosperity and restoring/creating nature in the areas where we implement our marine projects. All our projects should have a net positive impact on society.

U.N. Sustainable Development Goals

Our activities mainly have an impact on the following U.N. Sustainable Development Goals:

  • Icon: affordable clean energy affordable clean energy
  • Icon: decent work economic growth decent work economic growth
  • Icon: industry innovation infrastructure industry innovation infrastructure
  • Icon: sustainable cities communities sustainable cities communities
  • Icon: climate action climate action
  • Icon: life below water life below water
  • Icon: partnership goals partnership goals