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Battle of the Beach a climate change education and awareness initiative for children

Battle of the Beach a climate change education and awareness initiative for children


Play on the beach with your classmates, build sand castles, and learn something about the struggle against water. Every year more than 1,000 pupils in classes 5, 6, and 7 of various primary schools take part in the Battle of the Beach on the Dutch beaches of towns such as Noordwijk, Petten, and Vlissingen.

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Education is key

Prior to the Battle of the Beach, a guest gives the children a lesson about the protection of our coasts and rivers. Sander Dekker, Sustainability Manager at Van Oord, has given a number of these guest lessons. Van Oord is the main sponsor of Battle of the Beach, a competition which it hopes will encourage children’s enthusiasm for water and technology. The aim of the initiative is not only to focus on technology, water and the safety of the country, but also to contribute to active and innovative elements of education. Van Oord thinks it’s important to interest young people in the challenging world of hydraulic engineering.

Water Innovation Prize

On the day itself, teams of pupils get down to work with their little shovels to build a strong sand castle. The team whose castle withstands the rising tide longest is the winner and receives a trophy. Early in 2017, Battle of the Beach won the Water Innovation Prize (Water Awareness category) awarded by the Dutch Association of Water Boards (UvW).

Collaboration also involves Deltares, the Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment, various water boards, the Polder Board, the Department of Public Works and Water Management, and the coastal provinces.

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