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Christiana Figueres calls for action!

Christiana Figueres calls for action!


Christiana Figueres is an internationally recognised leader on global climate change. She was Executive Secretary of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) from 2010 to 2016. Ms. Figueres delivered the historic Paris Agreement on Climate in 2015. Since then, Ms. Figueres has worked tirelessly to get the world on track to beat global warming before 2020.  Van Oord used this agreement to spark the debate on climate change in the Netherlands, by initiating the Transition Coalition.  

It’s time for action

Currently she is the convener of Mission 2020, a global initiative to drive urgent action to limit the effects of climate change, particularly for the most vulnerable people and countries in the world.
Leading up to the event we had an interview with Ms. Figueres about her drive and mission to combat climate change. 

During Van Oord’s 150 years anniversary symposium she gave an inspiring and powerful speech, emphasising the importance of achieving the climate agreements to combat global warming. She finished her speech with a clear call for action: ACT NOW!

Take a look at Ms Figueres’ speech below:

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