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Gemini: Social, environmental and economic spin-off

Gemini: Social, environmental and economic spin-off


Van Oord has installed one of the largest offshore wind projects in the world: the Gemini Offshore Wind Park. For this project, we joined forces with Northland Power, Siemens, and HVC. The Gemini project is located off the Dutch coast and provides approximately 780,000 households with green energy. It is an important step towards achieving the targets set out in the Dutch Energy Transition Agreement. The project also generated enormous social and economic return. 

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Dutch Energy Transition

In the Dutch Energy Energy transition the Dutch Government, various organisations, and the private sector have committed themselves to increasing the percentage of sustainable (renewable) energy from 4% in 2014 to 16% in 2023. Thanks to the 600 MW generated by the Gemini project, the Netherlands will be one step closer to reaching that goal. Van Oord has been involved in the construction of wind projects since 2002. Our track record includes the Princess Amalia (NL), Belwind (B), and Teesside (UK) projects. 

Social impact

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The Gemini Offshore Wind Park project has been a milestone project from start to finish. The main achievement might well be the close cooperation between all the parties, which made Gemini’s success possible. Together we achieved our goal, installing a massive power plant in the middle of the North Sea, in under three years’ time. Gemini is a ‘green’ power plant that will deliver clean energy for decades to come.

Judith Achterberg, Communication Manager , Gemini Offshore Wind Park

Life below water

Besides making a contribution to the energy transition, offshore wind farms also offers other sustainable opportunities. During the construction of the Gemini Offshore Wind Park we made use of the FaunaGaurd, an acoustic device that uses specialised underwater acoustics to safely deter various marine fauna species temporarily. This mitigates the effects of harming species underwater.

In addition, offshore wind farms also offer opportunities to make a positive contribution to underwater nature and to improving the biodiversity. In cooperation with the North Sea Foundation, the Natuur & Milieu organisation and Eneco, Van Oord installed reef balls and cages containing flat oysters within the Luchterduinen offshore wind farm, 23 kilometres west of the Dutch port city of IJmuiden. The 'Rich North Sea' project will investigate how nature conservation and sustainable energy generation can reinforce one another.

The Rich North Sea will contribute to providing a blueprint for underwater nature restoration at all offshore wind farms which can then be applied when constructing new installations. The cooperating partners aim in this way to ensure that the growth of offshore wind farms goes hand in hand with nature enhancement.

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