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Van Oord’s Innovation Challenge: partnering for a sustainable future

Van Oord’s Innovation Challenge: partnering for a sustainable future


The Van Oord Innovation Challenge is a quest for new partnerships. Van Oord is always interested in start-up entrepreneurs who, like us, prioritise the transition to sustainable energy. The innovations and new technologies in this contest must be effective, profitable, and globally scalable so as to reinforce progress in the energy transition. Yes!Delft and Get in the Ring are our partners. 

Meet the participants

In the light of our 150 years’ anniversary we organised our first innovation challenge in 2018. After an extensive selection process of all the applications, Van Oord nominated 8 participants to join the programme. Meet the 8 finalists who joined the first edition of our innovation programme. 

What do we offer?

- Professional support from Van Oord for setting up a mature business case for your proposal;
- Assistance in preparing a mind-blowing pitch for the business case at an international conference in Rotterdam (The Netherlands);
- Two winning teams will work with Van Oord on their proposed solutions;
- An entire year’s exclusive coaching from Van Oord experts;
- Access to Van Oord’s global network.

And the winner of the first Innovation Challenge is…

Abyssal! Out of more than one hundred submissions, the Portuguese start-up Abyssal has won the first innovation challenge. Abyssal specialises in the visualisation and remote control of subsea operations using sensor data to deliver real-time 3D virtual overviews of the entire subsea environment. They will be granted an exclusive, one-year partnership contract with Van Oord. The contract will help the start-up take their business plan to the next level. Together with Van Oord, Abyssal will deploy their product in offshore projects to improve the safety and efficiency of subsea operations and help Van Oord become a data-driven company.

Abyssal is honoured and keen to start this collaboration journey with Van Oord. We share the same commitment to achieving a sustainable future using digital technologies and we are very glad to be doing it side by side with a company that brings 150 years of entrepreneurship and perseverance to the table.

Luis Almeida, Technology Manager at Abyssal
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Interested in participating

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