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PortXL: Accelerating Innovation

PortXL: Accelerating Innovation


Van Oord is one of the founding partners and main sponsors of the PortXL programme. With this port and maritime accelerator platform we encourage innovation within the global maritime industry. PortXL is a strict business-to-business maritime incubator with a focus on creating tangible business value for maritime start-ups who are serious about building their business.

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About the programme

Van Oord offers intense guidance to help the start-ups get their ideas ready for the market within 100 days. During that period, Van Oord focuses on sustainability and digitalisation to guide the start-ups and identify new opportunities for cooperation. These themes are chosen based on Van Oord’s objective of combining external knowledge with internal innovations. The cooperation also promotes innovation outside the field of marine contracting. Van Oord & PortXL: frontrunner of innovation.

PortXL provides the opportunity to be inspired by innovative ideas that aim to support businesses outside the normal routine of Van Oord. This start-up incubator can be used to encourage the outside-in perspective of Van Oord employees and to come up with disruptive ideas that can add value to Van Oord’s business.

Estimating Specialist at Van Oord
Estimating Specialist at Van Oord

Do you have what it takes?

After an extensive selection process, about 12 to 15 start-ups, and new this year also scale-ups, are welcomed each year to join the PortXL programme. The selected companies are matched to mentors and participate in an intensive three-month programme that focuses on building their business model. This includes market validation, finding clients, masterclasses, and other programmes tailored to developing business propositions.

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